Poland is my home country and I miss it dearly. Sometimes, I even think I want to move back there and try living there for a change. If I had to choose a city to live in Poland, Warszawa would be my first choice. There are many reason why I love that city so much. 

First of all, Warszawa is very metropolitan and this gypsy girl loves city life.  My favorite thing to do in Warszawa is just walking around the Old Town admiring the architecture. Warszawa was heavily destroyed during World War II and the Old Town is what this city used to look like. I feel sad and angry when I think of the atrocities the war did to the people and the cities in Europe. So much history, art and architecture was destroyed during that time. However, on the positive note I am happy to see that Warsaw is having it's the second revival. There are new interesting constrction develeopments all over the city and the tourism is booming. If you visit Warszawa you will most likely start with the tour of the Old town. Sure, it is very touristy but it is still a nice place to walk around and get something to eat or drink.