Sony A7SII

A Year in Review

After one year on the road complete, it's time to take a look back on some of the amazing experiences we've had. This video also takes the form of a demo reel for Nate as a director. 

The Fisherman

Over the course of several days while staying at the beach town Malvan in India, we befriended some local fisherman. It was fascinating to watch them work. Therefore I made this little short of their process from launching the boat at sunset, to returning at 5 in the morning to pull their catch in and carry it off to market.

Original score composed and performed by: Shahruz Moshtael


'Valleys in the Sky' takes you on a journey to one of the highest altitude and least populated regions in the world, located in the Indian Himalayas. Experience the beauty and magnificence of this remote area and witness the incredibly rare celebration and arrival of his Holiness the high Lama, to the small town of Mudh for the first time during "this life's incarnation".


We are nothing short of amazed by the Sikh people. What they have created is not just a place for themselves, but a sanctuary for all faiths (or non faiths) as long as you come in peace.

Aside from beautiful prayer rooms, where you can pray to whichever god you choose, every Gurdwara has a langer hall where anyone can come almost any time of the day, and eat fresh, healthy vegetarian food.

In the massive kitchens you will find volunteers of almost every faith churning giant pots of daal or kneading dough for freshly baked roti.

When you sit in one of their giant food halls, you will be served with a smile and provided as many portions as you’d like. But it doesn’t stop there.

Many Gurdwara’s also offer other services like nurseries, and classrooms at no cost.

The Sikh’s have a complicated history steeped in tradition which we won’t elaborate on here, but we highly recommend you read about them further as they are a fascinating and wonderful people.


Today we explored Swayambhunath Temple, also known as Monkey Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was a magical experience. We met so many friendly people including a buddhist monk, as well as made many monkey friends. Although if you ever visit, be careful! They will grab your water bottle, your bag, your camera, ANYTHING they can in a second if you let your guard down. Sneaky little buggers :)


Poland is a land dear to my heart. It is a beautiful country with a history as complex as it's people.

While spending a month there, I shot this footage. The narrative wasn't clear to me at first but as I filmed and visited everywhere from the capital in Warsaw, to their most sacred churches, and deep into the beautiful natural wilderness, an idea came to me.

I call it The Three Pillars of Poland. It's what I consider to be the three most powerful forces in this beautiful land: Religion, Nature and Politics.

Religion is a dominating force in Poland. Over 92% of the population is Catholic. It undoubtably plays a major role not only in the personal lives of most Poles, but the politics as well. Jasna Gora is one of their most famous churches. It houses the famous Black Madonna painting and was the breaking point of the Swedish invasion in 1655. Every year millions of people make a pilgrimage to the church walking hundreds of miles from all Poland.

The natural beauty of Poland in my opinion surpasses that of any other European country I've visited. From the mountains of Zakopane to the thousands of lakes in Mazury, all the way to the Polish sea, Poland has some of the largest and most pristine national parks in all of Europe.

Although beautiful in so many ways, Poland does have it's issues. Sadly, the country struggles with it's move into the 21st century regarding human rights. Poland could be compared to Russia, Iran and other extremely oppressive states when it comes to LGBT and racial rights. Fortunately it isn't illegal to be gay or of another race but there are politicians in power that would like to see it that way.

I had the honor of participating in the Warsaw Pride Parade and it was overwhelming to see so many people out in support of equality. Despite a record turn out, Poland has a long way to go before it's LGBT community will be given the respect it deserves. And tragically like the rest of Europe, there seems to be a growing movement towards radical conservatism not just from older generations, but young Polish as well.

Despite these issues, Poland remains one of my favorite countries and I have high hopes for it's future. I think through continued education and peaceful protest by it's progressive citizens, they will reach a place of equality and prosperity for all.

Gouttes - Hicham Chahidi
An Inch Away From The Window - Celadon City
Yann Tiersen - La Boulange


We visited the Lund Cathedral and had an amazing experience. Visited on the exact day that one of these guys was buried 893 years ago. Amazing being in a place like that almost by yourself. Unfortunately my shots weren't to steady even with some post stabilization. But good news, my gimbal finally arrived and this will be the last time I have to do this by hand :)