Get Tipsy on: Coconut Beer

Forget the Mai Tai, and other cliché cocktails with umbrellas in the glass, and drink some coconut beers in Hawaii. Yes, you read it correctly, they make beer from coconuts in Hawaii. This is exactly why they call the Islands a paradise. 

The coconut Porter, made by the Maui Brewing company, is nothing like you have ever tasted before. 

The coconut Porter has a creamy consistency, with a hint of sweetness with toasted coconut. OMG, Yasss!! Sometimes dark beers can be heavy, but this one is surprisingly refreshing. It makes it a perfect beer for a summer day or night.

The Coconut Porter is one of the best beers that The Tipsy Gypsies have tried, and we drink a lot of beer, so trust us.

Get few chilled Coconut Porters and head to the beach to catch the perfect wave or watch the sunset!

If you happen to be going to Maui, Hawaii anytime soon the Maui brewing company offers tours so make sure to stop by