We at The Tipsy Gypsies, aren't just here to entertain and inform you, we are also here to help you. From still images to films, we are ready and available to create custom tailored content to help your hospitality or tourism and travel related business grow, whether it be for your website, broadcast or social media.

In todays travel industry, nearly all customers (ourselves included) research and compare companies online before making a booking. Therefor it's more important than ever to have creative, relevant, tasteful and distinctively branded content to attract and convince customers why they should book with YOU.

Nate has worked in film and advertising for over 6 years in Los Angeles. He has worked with clients such as Apple, Google and many other of the worlds biggest brands. Since leaving to travel full time, he has taken these skills and applied them to create award winning passion projects for our blog. But he has also been helping businesses along the way to create beautiful original content to excite and inspire their customers.

From filming to editorial, we are a one stop shop for creating exciting and most importantly unique, promotional film content for businesses to stand out.


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Below is just a small example of work created for past customers. Every concept is custom designed and tailored to the clients needs. 

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Kuoda Travel - Peru 

Kuoda Travel is the #1 luxury tourism agency in Peru, specializing in customized tours for it's clients. With Kuoda as our co-producers, we filmed this viral travel video to show the beauty and character of Peru. This film has been shared by Nat Geo, Lonely Planet, Passion Passport, the Peruvian board of tourism & embassies, UNILAD Adventure and was nominated at the 2018 NAB Travel Video Awards, and has been honored with a Vimeo Staff Pick. We are currently in post production on films for them featuring Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Northern Peru.


This film was made on spec as example material for our film portfolio. The film was made to show viewers the magic of visiting Morocco and has been featured by Nat Geo, BBC World News, Morocco Board of Tourism, The Huffington Post, Condé Nast Traveler, Passion Passport, and currently has over 220k views as well as a coveted Staff Pick on Vimeo. 



A commercial we created for the Peruvian luxury hotel chain, Libertador, in collaboration with their two Luxury Collection branded hotels, the Palacio del Inka and Tambo del Inka.

We spent a month in Peru traveling to 5 of their hotels, filming each location and creating this piece featuring their beautiful facilities, the staff and some of the custom experiences they offer.

THE PARK HYATT - siem reap, cambodia

Creating this commercial for the prestigious Park Hyatt brand was such an honor and amazing experience.

We wanted the commercial to be beautiful but also feel real and organic with a documentary like quality, so we developed a concept that would show viewers not only the amazing skill and hospitality of their staff, but also the beautiful design and inspiration it received from nearby Angkor Wat.

“I tried to find a word to describe about your work but I am fumbling. We LOVE the video just so much and had shared with our regional sales and marketing colleagues. We literally had goosebumps when watching this amazing video. You both just understood what we need easily and brought our message to life in a way that we never imagined. The production progress ran so smoothly and the turnaround time was just like a blink of an eye. THANK YOU for your dedicated work and I wish to work with you moving forward wherever I go.” -- Minh Thu, Director of Marketing, Park Hyatt Siem Reap

Shintana saya - siem reap, cambodia

The Shintana Saya Residence had only been open for two months at the time of our visit. Although the hotel had a beautiful design and elegant website layout, they had yet to create any video content. We were commissioned to produce a one minute film for their homepage featuring everything the hotel had to offer. 

The video takes you on a short but engaging journey through what it's like to stay at this beautiful, boutique resort.

Bissau Palace - Jaipur, India

The historical Bissau Palace owned and operated by the Singh royal family, wanted a unique video that captured the feeling of staying at their beautiful heritage hotel. We decided on a concept of a single guest exploring the entire campus as if she were the only one there. From the gardens to the rooms and through their amazing communal lounge areas filled with historical artifacts, the video demonstrates the magic of staying with them.

ADventure tourism

Grand Canyon Expeditions - Utah, USA

One of the oldest and most prestigious river rafting companies running the river, GCE wanted a video that authentically captured the experience of their most popular 8 day trip. 

We were commissioned to participate in one of their trips and documented the experience as well as recorded interviews with the guides and unsolicited guests for true and honest opinions. 


"Capturing true beauty and emotion is an art form... you must be able to grasp that moment, feel the sun on your face and hear the roar of that mighty river. After you visit Grand Canyon Expeditions through the lens of our friends The Tipsy Gypsies, you will find yourself reaching for the towel...THANK YOU to The Tipsy Gypsies for one of the GRANDEST views of what we do!” -- Marty Mathis, GCE

Simple Life Divers - Koh Tao, Thailand

Simple Life Divers was looking to update their dated intern program video. It's a long and expensive commitment for someone to stay in dive school for 2 - 7 months so they wanted something that really captured not just the amazing experience people would have learning to become a dive master or instructor, but also how amazing it is to live on the island. They wanted to target 18-30 year olds so the video was produced with that in mind. Simple Life Diver Koh Tao | Scuba Diving Internships

"As a tourism operator, reaching potential customers & effectively conveying our message is essential to our success.
The skills & abilities Nate has applied to our business are greatly appreciated. Given our location (tiny tropical island), access to such talent is rare. Despite our modest budget & time constraints, Nate produced excellent material for us; professional imagery, fantastic editing and delivering the exact message which we hoped to convey. I'm certain this will have a significant impact on our operation and wouldn't hesitate to collaborate with Nate again, nor to recommend to another business." -- Simple Life Divers




We are not in the business of wedding videography but if the client seems right and the opportunity sounds unique and inspiring (by that we mean open bar), we can dedinitely talk about filming your wedding. If you would like to have The Tipsy Gypsies crash your wedding and create something awesome to preserve your special day, send us an enquiry and we will definitely consider :)