Get Tipsy on: Ginginha

Like Port wine is famous in Porto, Lisbon has it's own alcohol which it is famous for. It's Ginginha (Ginjinha). A sweet cherry liquor. The Tipsy Gypsies have a lot of respect for traditions, especially the drinking ones, and we were told that it would be rude not to try the Ginginha, while in Portugal.  

Ginginha is hard to pronounce, but luckily for you Lisbon has many little bars, where all they serve is Ginja. Simply walk in and say how many you want.

How to drink Ginja? You can choose to drink Ginja from a frozen chocolate shot or a regular glass. With a cherry, or without. It's up to you! 

The verdict? One of us liked it, the other didn't. It's VERYYY sweet. It tasted a bit like the cherry liquor my Tipsy Gypsy grandma used to hide in her pantry.

We suggest indulging in a glass after dinner. The sweet little shot makes for a nice dessert and night cap. Whether you're a fan of sweet drinks or not, you must try it to insure a true Lisbon experience!



Portugal shares two things with Spain: one is a border, the second is wine. Other than that, these countries have more differences than you might think.


After spending a week in Barcelona, we flew into the small, charming, coastal city in Portugal, simply called Porto. Now you probably have heard the word "port" before. Port is also the name of a wine that comes from this region of Portugal, and like every good story, ours starts with wine.



We are not wine experts, but we sure do like to drink, and when it comes to wine, Portugal has some of the best wines in the world.

Porto is famous for port wine (red or white, sweet dessert wine) which is delicious , but you should also try Vinho verde (fresh white wine, low in alcohol, which is a bummer but it's still delicious!). Porto blends of Vinho verde: rosé or red, are also very good! 

Plus, wine is almost as cheap as water here. You can get a very good bottle of wine at a store for about 3 euros. So drink wine all day long!

Nothing like a bottle of vinho tinto while waiting for your train :)

Nothing like a bottle of vinho tinto while waiting for your train :)

CITY: Porto

What to do, see, and eat 

The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 3
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 4
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 5

Porto is full of old historical buildings and museums, which are very easy to find on Trip Advisor or similar websites. We have some great off the beaten path tips to share with you but before we get to that, here are some of the more obvious activities that we actually loved:

The "hop-on, hop-off" tour bus is a really good deal. You can get a 2 day pass for 15 euros. The bus will take you to the most iconic places, and if you are planning on spending a day at the beach the bus stops there too. We found it to be more cost effective than buying public bus tickets to all these places. 

  • Ingreja do Carmo - an incredible Rococo style church built in the XVIII century. The entrance is free. 
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 6
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 7
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 8
  • Igreja dos Clerigos church - free entrance to visit the church. For about 3 euros you can climb the tower Torre dos Clerigos to see the view of the city 
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 9
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 10
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 12
  • Serralves museum - the entry is kind of expensive, about 10 euros/per person, but it is really worth visiting. It's an impressive museum with modern art, some provocative art installations and beautiful gardens surrounding the premises. If you can, plan to spend the whole day at the museum and the park. The park is huge, with many gardens and shaded areas to sit down and have lunch. It's a great spot for wine drinking and a picnic!

Our favorite part of the museum was the art installation made by kids on the second floor. The subject was "Body Images, and what role it plays in our society". It is absolutely brilliant and moving to see what these kid-artists came up with and hopefully we all learn from them that body is only what carries your soul.

The Serralves gardens

The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 13
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 14
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 15
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 16
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 17

  • Bairro Herculano

This is the more "off the beaten path" guide to Porto.

Walk to the little district of Porto, called Bairro Herculano. This is a non-touristy area with cute, little houses, that were built between 1880 and 1886, originally for the working class. These two-story dwellings, were designed with communal restrooms, showers and an outdoor laundry facility, where women used to wash clothes. At that time these houses were considered very luxurious compared to the rest of the working suburbs.

This is a great neighborhood with amazing photo opportunities. If you visit Bairro Herculano, just be mindful and respectful. People who live in this quiet neighborhood, are not used to seeing many tourists wandering through the streets.


When you are done in Barrio Herculano cross the Ponto Do Infante bridge to see the spectacular view of the city and walk over to the other side of Porto. You will find yourself walking on a small road Cabo Simao, along the Duro river. There is a really cool abandoned church and Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar, with more spectacular views of the city.

  • Afurada Village

Afurada is a small fishing village about 4 km (one way) from the D. Luís Bridge. It's a bit of a walk,  but this is where you can get the best fish in town and a big carafe of chilled vinho verde. The prices are much better than in the center of Porto. Along the way, you can see the locals literally fishing their dinner in the river. Afurada is very authentic and you won't find many tourists here. There is also another public laundry facility here, that is sill very much in use by the local gals.

If you don't feel like walking back to Porto, you can take bus #14 that will drop you off near the D. Luis Bridge.

TIP: You can also rent bikes near the Trindade Metro station if you'd like to cruise here by bike!


 Francesinha is a dish made with bread, loaded with meats, covered with melted cheese and topped with spicy tomato sauce and served with french fries. OMG!!

What you don't want to miss in Porto is the famous "Francesinha" dish. You will see that every restaurant in Porto serves it. Francesinha is EVERYWHERE!! We thought we could get it in other parts of Portugal too. Well, it turns out that Francesinha originally comes from Porto and it is hard to find an authentic one in other cities. Apparently, the secret is in the sauce and even Portuguese will tell you that the best Francesinha is in Porto. So make sure to try one before leaving!!




Food in Afurada Village

We had a lovely lunch at Casa do F.C Port. Fried fish and a vegan lunch: potatoes drenched with olive oil and garlic plus fresh tomato salad. We drank vinho verde and cold beers. It was a perfection!

The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 19
lunch at Casa do FCPorto

lunch at Casa do FCPorto

Casa do F.C Porto, address: R. Antonio dos Santos 90, Sao Pedro da Afurada, Portugal

An evening in Miramar near Porto

OK, so this is technically a bit outside of Porto, but we highly recommend that you take the local train to Miramar, where you can watch the sunset on a beach. There is also a beautiful old chapel on the beach over there. The sunset was breath taking. Just don't forget to bring a bottle of wine!

The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 20
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 21
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 22
The Tipsy Gypsies Porto 23

The Tipsy Gypsies would like to thank our Airbnb host Dorta Woicka who shared some of these of the beaten path places.

Looking for more inspiring ideas for Porto? Check out this article from our friends at The Crazy Tourist!

Get Tipsy on: Vinho Verde

If you think that Vinho Verde means green wine, like us, you probably used Google Translate. Unfortunately, that is not correct and it's time for some "edumacation".

Vinho Verde actually means "young wine" because the wine is not fully matured when it is released, which gives its unique, fresh and almost spritzer like taste. You can find many varieties of V.V: red, white and rosé. They all taste different, so make sure to try them all!

Vinho Verde is best when chilled, so it's perfect for hot summer days. V.V. is low in alcohol, about 4.5% so you can drink plenty of it! It's basically like drinking water, so don't feel bad if have 1-2 bottles all to yourself. Our medical recommendation is to drink more the hotter it is.

There are many brands of Vinho Verde, and it can be hard to pick the right one. There is nothing worse than a bad wine, but don't worry. We went through hell trying to find the tastiest and cheapest Vinho Verde for you. After many "agonizing" hours of tasting, followed by painful recovery mornings, we finally came across Casal Garcia

We highly recommend this wine if:

A) Your last name is Garcia or you know a Garcia. It's mandatory you drink it!

B) Anybody who doesn't like wine but there's no beer available. 

C) You want a bottle of wine to yourself on your lunch break, but still have to finish a deadline.

D) You're a light weight who wants to impress more seasoned drinkers. Just don't let them see the label!




If a country's wealth were based solely on the kindness and character of its people, Portugal would be one of the richest countries in the world. Portugal is a land that thrives off delicious wine, mouthwatering cuisine, awe inspiring architecture and music that will touch even the most hardened of souls. We spent a month traveling from Porto in the north, down to Lisbon in the south.

While in Porto, we had the good fortune of witnessing and celebrating Portugal's win of the 2016 Euro Cup final. The entire city broke out into festivities and didn't stop for two days and nights. A celebration we will never forget. We drank, ate and laughed with city locals in small bars and restaurants and were always welcomed with open arms.

In Lisbon we got to watch master tile painter Cristina Pina (www.facebook.com/ceramicacristinapina) create beautiful handmade works of art. Portugal's tile work is a gift to the world and can be found all across the globe. For six hours we were serenaded by Fado music at A Tasca do Chico. Wednesday nights are open mic and the best night to go. We ate Nata and Bifana on the streets of Alfama and indulged in delicious fruits from local markets. We were mesmerized by Sintra, which has more magnificent castles and palaces than we could count.

But none of this compared to the people. It was the people that made Portugal great and it is my hope that this video shows as a love letter, how amazing we think the people of Portugal are.


Filmmaker Note: The first song is NOT Portuguese. But the old lady dancing in the video was having such a good time with this song when I filmed her, it had to be used.

SONGS: Original! - Yo Tengo Un Novio Oquestrada - Oxala te Veja (toma que toma)