If a country's wealth were based solely on the kindness and character of its people, Portugal would be one of the richest countries in the world. Portugal is a land that thrives off delicious wine, mouthwatering cuisine, awe inspiring architecture and music that will touch even the most hardened of souls. We spent a month traveling from Porto in the north, down to Lisbon in the south.

While in Porto, we had the good fortune of witnessing and celebrating Portugal's win of the 2016 Euro Cup final. The entire city broke out into festivities and didn't stop for two days and nights. A celebration we will never forget. We drank, ate and laughed with city locals in small bars and restaurants and were always welcomed with open arms.

In Lisbon we got to watch master tile painter Cristina Pina ( create beautiful handmade works of art. Portugal's tile work is a gift to the world and can be found all across the globe. For six hours we were serenaded by Fado music at A Tasca do Chico. Wednesday nights are open mic and the best night to go. We ate Nata and Bifana on the streets of Alfama and indulged in delicious fruits from local markets. We were mesmerized by Sintra, which has more magnificent castles and palaces than we could count.

But none of this compared to the people. It was the people that made Portugal great and it is my hope that this video shows as a love letter, how amazing we think the people of Portugal are.


Filmmaker Note: The first song is NOT Portuguese. But the old lady dancing in the video was having such a good time with this song when I filmed her, it had to be used.

SONGS: Original! - Yo Tengo Un Novio Oquestrada - Oxala te Veja (toma que toma)