Bringing the Titanic to Life (Contributed)

This May, London-based travel and adventure company Blue Marble Private is set for an eight-day voyage to the wreckage of the RMS Titanic. During the trip visitors will be taken down to the wreck of the infamous ship. Tickets for the expedition cost a whopping $105,129 per person. According to The Telegraph that amount is based on the inflation-adjusted price of an actual first class ticket on the RMS Titanic itself ($4,350).

While the price is rather steep, it presents a once in a lifetime opportunity not just for fans of the movie but also for anyone with an interest in history, marine biology, and early 20th century culture and artifacts.

Mental Floss reports that this tour is unlike any other tour or museum dedicated to the Titanic. From Newfoundland, customers will board a scientific vessel, and apart from being able to see the actual shipwreck, customers will also function as mission specialists. As they descend more than two miles below the surface, customers will be assisting the expedition team in observing marine life. Trained as mission specialists, they will be able to spot research-relevant data (such as signs of decay, historical artifacts, marine life, etc.) and interpret it themselves with assistance from the experts.

Furthermore, this could be one of the last opportunities for anyone to visit the site where the Titanic lays. In a 2016 study, the extremophile bacteria that’s slowly munching on the wreck could completely devour everything by the year 2030.

The RMS Titanic holds a special place in maritime history and the public conscious. The loss of 1,517 lives on its maiden voyage after it struck an iceberg and sank made it one of the defining events of the 20th century. As a result the story of the ill-fated ocean liner has be told many times across different mediums. 

For instance, there are 11 notable movies based on the RMS Titanic, including a fictionalized account of a survivor called Saved From the Titanic which came out in 1912 – the same year as the sinking. To this day, James Cameron’s Oscar-winning 1997 romantic drama Titanic remains one of the highest grossing movies in history, as well as one of the most influential blockbusters of all time. The success of the film led to an influx of Titanic related products including books, documentaries, and games. Leading gaming portal Foxy Bingo have an online Titanic game that is directly adapted from the James Cameron film. This shows how influential the film continues to be today and how far reaching the Titanic brand has become. Across the US, there are various museums dedicated to the Titanic, including The Titanic Museum Attraction in Tennessee – an experiential museum in which tourists can relive the sinking for themselves on an automated replica of the ship. 

This year, Blue Marble Private offers the ultimate tour for those interested in the famous ship. While it may be expensive, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the world’s most famous shipwreck. The first trip is already fully booked.

Written by John Wiggins